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Chief Editor

Hey, my name is Dee and I live on the sunny island of Singapore. Together with my wife, Jay, we enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.

My love for cooking started early in my life. My dad owns a restaurant and I will frequently help out in the kitchen since a very young age.

My aim on this website is to provide you with quality content on food, kitchen and dining. I strive to give the most detailed and honest reviews on products, definitive guides and the best recommendations. I am not here to make a quick buck by providing you with inaccurate information.

All the posts will be planned and edited by me to ensure the quality of the content. Occasionally, I will use content from freelance writers but the final approval on what goes onto this website is my decision.

Do have a look around the website. I'm positive that you will truly enjoy it and hope that the content will be useful to you.