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Can a Knife Be Too Sharp?

A sharp knife is an asset in almost any situation. But are there circumstances in which a knife can be too sharp? This article looks at where a knife’s sharpness is definitely an asset…or can be detrimental. How Sharp Should a Knife Be? A knife should be sharp enough to cut smoothly through its designated …

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Can a Knife Break Bone?

There’s a knife for nearly every task, whether they’re short, long, wide, serrated, or sharpened to the point where they can slice paper as easy as butter. Cutting or breaking bones, however, takes a different sort of knife. Some knives can break bones, but the question is open-ended enough to allow for plenty of wriggle …

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Are Epicurean Cutting Boards Good For Knives? (We’ve Got The Answer)

Epicurean boards are very lightweight and exceptionally environmentally friendly as they are composite chopping boards, making them a fantastic addition to your kitchen. However, many have voiced their concerns regarding its sanitary issues and its ability to preserve blade integrity. In this article, let us take a deep dive and try to answer the looming …

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