Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee - A.J. Lee

We’re with AJ Lee. Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. In some parts of the world, if you admit to anyone that you don’t drink coffee, they’ll treat you the same way that they would if you’d told them that you were the Chairman of the local Communist Party.

hey’ll shun you and keep you at arm’s length until you either recant or leave of your own accord. It’s tantamount to heresy and crosses a line that you should never venture over.

You think we take coffee seriously here in America? Compared to some of the countries of Europe, we’re practically coffee liberals and are regarded as having a live and let live attitude toward coffee making. 

While we may not subscribe to the same sort of fanatical subservience to coffee-making as a lot of our peers in the old world do, we’re well aware of the trends and the rising popularity of a number of different methods of coffee preparation.

And nudging its way toward the top of that list is the pour-over method.

Even though we’re in step with, and more than a little obsessed by pour-over, we don’t place the same sort of faith in the whole “it has to be done by hand” approach that coffee zealots do, not when there are coffee machines that can do a far better job of making pour-over coffee than any hipster waiter ever could.  

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best pour-over coffee makers that are beloved by the coffee scene, so that you can discover, and fall as deeply in love with pour-over coffee as we have. Are you ready to discover a whole new world of caffeine flavor? Then let’s begin to pour…


OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

Oxo believes in a better way. They believe in finding solutions to the pain in the neck problems that plague us all, and they invest every moment of their time, their energy, and effort into designing the things that fit comfortably into our everyday lives. 

And they saw which way the wind was blowing in the coffee scene and they created a coffee maker that was specifically engineered to make incredible pour-over coffee.

Certified by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), the Oxo Brew’s Rainmaker showerhead evenly distributes water that’s been heated to the optimal temperature by the BetterBrew system over the coffee grounds to ensure a smoother, richer flavor.

The thermal carafe that the Oxo Brew uses is vacuum-sealed and double insulated to ensure that it keeps the coffee at just the right temperature and uses a pour and brew through the lid to make sure that not a single drop of coffee is wasted when it’s served. 

With Smart Single Serve, which eliminates the need to use coffee pods, built-in, you’ll be able to control and carefully monitor the amount of coffee that the Oxo Brew expertly delivers time after time.

This isn’t just the answer to the pour-over coffee problem that’s been plaguing the coffee scene, it’s a miracle of modern brewing technology.


  • Oxo Brew saw a gap that needed to be filled in the specialty coffee world and they set out to design, engineer, and build a solution. And the result was this incredible eight-cup machine that’s been made to brew perfect pour-over coffee. 
  • That’s right, we said eight cups. The Oxo Brew will deftly and swiftly (well, as swiftly as possible, as perfection takes time) produce eight cups of incredible pour-over coffee.
  • The combination of the BetterBrew system that heats the water, and regulates the amount that it uses working in tandem with the Rainmaker showerhead ensures that the infusion of water and grounds that emerges from the Oxo Brew will change the way that you think about drip makers and filter coffee.
  • And, it even makes cleaning it easy as the Oxo Brew has a simple to use clean mode that works at the touch of a button. Just fill the reservoir with water, push the button and it will do the rest.
  • Like all Oxo Brew coffee makers, this master of the art of making pour-over coffee comes with a lifetime guarantee. So if it does fail, Oxo Brew will fix, replace or repair it. We have no idea what they mean by “lifetime”, but we’re assuming that it refers to a fairly significant period of time, and while, obviously, there’s bound to be a list of terms and condition that govern it, it’s still going to be an impregnable warranty that’ll provide you with valuable coffee making peace of mind.


  • While, for the most part, the coffee faithful who have put their trust in the Oxo Brew seems to be deliriously happy with the pour-over that it brews, there is a not inconsiderable percentage of coffee fans who are not best pleased with this coffee maker. And for the most part, all of their complaints seem to focus on the same things, the carafe and the BrewBetter system. So it might be worth diving a little deeper into the machinations of the Oxo Brew before investing in one.


Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer, Silver

Cuisinart has been arming American kitchens with equipment that they can not only trust but also expect, to deliver impeccable results, for nearly fifty years.

While they’ve been driving the drip coffee maker train for almost all of that time, they’ve recently pushed the boundaries of coffee making to its limits and in doing so, came up with the CPO-800P1.

Which is Cuisinarts code word for the best coffee maker they’ve ever designed. 

Able to deliver gourmet coffee bar (we’re guessing that’s a European thing) style pour coffee perfection, the Cuisinart uses a precision brewing technique that they undoubtedly patented, to produce a superior flavor extraction.

It’s a complicated process that involves the machine pre-soaking the coffee grounds so that they’ll “bloom” before being directly infused with water that’s been heated to just the right temperature in order to create the perfect cup of pour-over coffee.

This process, as complicated as it is, ensures that Cuisinart’s coffee maker was certified by the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America), which means that it’s a machine that coffee fiends everywhere want to get their hands on.

With fully adjustable temperature and strength controls, you’ll be able to brew coffee the way you want to with the Cuisinart.

It’s also programmable, so you can set it up to brew before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning, your coffee will be waiting for you.

And if you do forget to switch it off, don’t worry as the Cuisinart will do it for you thanks to its handy automatic on and off function that’s been designed to ensure that this pour-over coffee maker works as efficiently as possible.


  • The height of brewing elegance and efficiency, the Cuisinart was made to let you fully embrace and enjoy all of the extra flavors that the pour-over method extracts from coffee. 
  • With built-in twenty-four-hour programmability, you’ll be able to precisely control when your coffee will be ready. 
  • And while we’re on the subject of control, the temperature and strength controls will help you to find your perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Granted, it’ll probably take you a while to master it but imagine all of the coffee-based fun that you’ll have while you’re discovering what your ideal cup tastes like.


  • There are a number of self-confessed coffee snobs who have questioned the Cuisinart’s performance, don’t think that it lives up to the hype, and can’t deliver the level of coffee perfection that it claims it can. Having sampled the coffee that the machine makes, we think they’re wrong, but the taste is entirely subjective isn’t it?


Bonavita Connoisseur 8 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine, One-Touch Pour Over Brewer w/ Thermal Carafe, Hanging Filter Basket, SCA Certified, 1500 Watt, BPA Free, Stainless Steel, BV1901TS

Bonavita has one goal. To bring specialty coffee home and their engineers, product developers, and coffee professionals focus all their efforts to innovate and simplify the process of home brewing.

They want to make sure that the coffee that you drink at home is better than the finest baristas would serve in the VIP areas of the best coffee shops in the land. And so far? They’re keeping their end of the coffee bargain.

Take the Connoisseur One-Touch, for instance.

Designed to brew the finest pour-over coffee that you’ll ever consume, it uses its pre-infusion mode to allow the coffee to bloom before its shower head kicks in to ensure that the hot water and grounds combine to create exquisite pour-over coffee. 

Able to brew eight cups of coffee from cold to ready to drink in just under six minutes, Bonavita’s Connoisseur is the machine that professionals dream about owning and amateurs everywhere have taken to heart.

Its powerful and precise heater has been engineered to ensure that it always maintains an optimal temperature of one hundred and ninety-five to two hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit and the Connoisseur’s thermal carafe has been built to keep the coffee the machine brews at the ideal heat.

In short, it’s a coffee lover’s dream machine that’ll satisfy even the most exacting palate. 


  • The Connoisseur uses a multi-stage brewing process to make sure that it delivers the finest quality coffee every time you use it. It’s a pour-over coffee maker that could easily turn the coffee world on its head. 
  • The temperature that it maintains when infusing the hot water, which thanks to its shower head system is perfectly distributed, and grounds is, as any half-decent coffee expert will happily inform you, the consummate heat at which to make coffee, It’s little details like this the separate Bonavita from its competition.
  • It’s simple to use, easy to clean and its thermal carafe has been forged in the fire of caffeine heaven to make sure that it keeps your coffee warm without letting it burn on a heat plate.


  • An infinitesimally small number of machines have been hindered by manufacturing issues which have impeded their owner’s ability to make the sort of great-tasting coffee this machine was supposed to. An admitted production error, Bonavita has corrected it and it shouldn’t rear its ugly head again, but it might provide a little additional food for thought if you’re considering making this machine a permanent part of your household…


Behmor Brazen Coffee Maker, 8 cups, Stainless Steel

Behmor has a passion for all things coffee.

Their determined commitment to bringing the best that the coffee world has to offer to the comfort of your home is unwavering and they have moved heaven and earth to make sure that their dream becomes a reality. 

And that’s why they’ve become a celebrated and cherished brand among coffee connoisseurs, who have, in Behmor, recognized and flocked to a kindred spirit to satisfy their caffeine needs. 

This finely-tuned temperature-controlled pour-over coffee maker has been designed to brew your coffee to within a one-degree margin of error, which will never fall outside of the desired one hundred and ninety-five to two hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit range.

The Behmor pre-soaks ground to allow them to bloom before finely and evenly infusing with perfectly heated water from its oversized shower head.  

The pulsated water flow system that it uses to gently allow the shower head to take control helps to ensure that this coffee maker will always release the full flavor profile and aroma of your chosen coffee, and delivers a pour-over brew that would make the crowned coffee heads of Europe weep with joy.

Fully certified by the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America), the Behmor will brew eight cups of coffee at a time which you’ll be able to savor at your leisure thanks to the thermally insulated carafe that is a vital part of this machine.

There’s a reason that the coffee glitterati loves Behmor, and that reason is the Brazen.


  • The simply staggering accuracy of temperature that it brews at always ensures that the Behmor will deliver cup after cup of incredible pour-over coffee. 
  • The Brazen is one of the few home machines that has been certified by the SCAA and if it meets their exacting standards, you know that it’s going to brew the sort of coffee that you’ll always enjoy. 
  • It’s also programmable, so you’ll be able to set it and go and your coffee will be brewed and waiting for you whenever you want it. 
  • The devil, as some much-loved coffee scholar once said, is in the brewing detail. And Behmor has made sure that they have ticked all the boxes and crossed and dotted everything that needed to be crossed and dotted when they designed this incredible pour-over coffee maker. Nothing has been left to chance in their quest for coffee making perfection.


  • It seems, that like most pour-over coffee makers, the Behnmor has a few manufacturing issues that you might want to examine more closely before parting with your hard-earned dollars. And even though it comes with a two-year warranty, a little due diligence will go a long way to helping your peace of mind before you set your sights firmly on the Brazen.


Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Polished Silver

If you want to discuss the intricacies of coffee making and how to make an outstanding cup of coffee, you need to head to the Netherlands.

The Dutch take coffee incredibly seriously, and that’s why their premiere manufacturer of breath-taking coffee makers, Technivorm, is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. 

Using a unique, temperature-controlled nine-hole outlet arm to evenly and surely distribute water into the coffee grounds that ensures that both are infused perfectly, the Moccamaster makes incredible coffee every single time it’s switched on.

With a forty-two ounce reservoir and a unique hot plate that gradually rolls out, instead of constantly focusing heat to keep its coffee warm, it will never, ever burn your coffee.

Featuring an automatic shut off that cuts everything off one hundred minutes after you begin to brew, the Moccamaster is an ideal platform to perfect the art of making pour-over coffee with. 

One of the only machines in the world to be certified by both the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Center) and the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), the Moccamaster is Technivorm’s flagship coffee maker.

And as it’s used by the best coffee makers in the world, to make some of the best coffee in the world, the Moccamaster will provide you with all the tools that you’ll need to join their elite ranks. 


  • The Moccamasters joint certification ensures that it towers over its competition and it wears it’s ECBC and SCS badges with pride. If you want to brew like the best, you brew with a Moccamaster
  • It’s one hundred minute shut off feature means that you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’ve turned the coffee maker off, as the Moccamaster does it for you.
  • It’s quick too and will brew a forty-ounce pot of coffee in just under eight minutes. All of that delicious coffee in less time than it takes Golden Earring to run through the extended version of ‘Radar Love’? That’s a coffee-making cause that’s worth rallying behind. 
  • And Technivorm is so sure that the Moccamaster will fulfill all of your coffee making fantasies, that they’ve guaranteed it for five years. That’s sixty months of worry-free brewing, which means you’ll be able to make a lot of pour-over coffee before you even have to start thinking about how much time is left on your warranty.


  • It’s the same old story all over again. Even Technivorm aren’t immune to the vagaries of production errors and some Moccamasters have emerged from their factory with their very own set of gremlins. But, as it comes with a five-year warranty, that isn’t really an issue that you’ll have to worry about.

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Which Pour-Over Coffee Maker Is The Right One For Me? 

Before we even begin to attempt to answer this question, we feel like we have to address the elephant in the room. Pour-Over coffee makers aren’t cheap, they’re all high-end drip and filter machines and as such command the sort of premiums that can make your pocketbook hurt. 

Having said that, if you want our opinion, and you’re dead set on enjoying the best that the coffee world has to offer, we’d advise you to invest in the same pour-coffee maker that we use, the Cuisinart Pure Precision. 

It’s an affordable and incredibly versatile machine, and what’s more, it also makes great pour-over coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pour-Over Coffee And What Is A Pour-Over Coffee Maker? 

Pour-Over coffee is very similar to filter coffee and only differs slightly in that it’s made with a little more care and attention to detail.

A way of making sure that you extract the full flavor profile from the coffee that you’re brewing, the pour-over method of making coffee demands that more attention is paid to the temperature of the water being used and the speed at which the water and the coffee grounds are infused.

That’s why coffee connoisseurs insist that the best way to make pour-over coffee is by hand, as it’s far easier to control both the heat of the water and the speed at which it is infused with coffee when it’s being hand-brewed. 

However, rapid advances in coffee making technology have ensured that some drip coffee makers are just as capable, if not more so, of making great pour-over coffee as baristas are.

Utilizing controlled heating elements and methods of infusion (including shower head infusors), and a slower, more deliberate approach to brewing, coffee makers have proved that they are more than able to make incredible pour-over coffee. 

Happy brewing and welcome to the world of pour-over coffee. 

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