Best Cleaver Knife

Being in the kitchen can be hard work, especially if your knives are old. There is nothing worse than a dull old knife that just doesn’t seem to sharpen anymore.

Sometimes you can have loads of knives and sometimes none of them seem like they are up to the task when it comes to a good cut and chop.

So, maybe you want to invest in a new knife, perhaps a cleaver that will tackle everything you throw at it, obliterating, vegetables, meat, and even bone like it’s nothing.

But, how do you choose the best cleaver? How do you know which cleaver is the right one for you?

There are so many fantastic blades out there and perhaps this is even your first one. It’s hard to know which cleaver knife will do you proud. So we are here to help you.

Whether you’re a home cook who is looking to spice things up in the kitchen, or if you are a professional chef who is looking for a new cleaver knife that can live up to their high standard of cooking. We have got the answers for you. 

Need To Get Chopping?

If you’re in a hurry to get chopping, stop and stir for a minute. 

You are probably busy and need to get back to cooking up that great dish, maybe you just don’t have the time to be looking through loads of information on cleaver knives.

So why not simmer for a moment and take a look with us, at some of the most fascinating facts about our top pick so you can get back to the chopping board. 

Our top pick is the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 9” cleaver knife, this blade is a beast, its design inspired by medieval weaponry, it is sure to give anything a good slicing.

It provides a razor-sharp edge, with full tang and is forged by high-quality carbon 7cr17mov steel that is heat-treated to 60HRC. With a military-grade handle with long-life durability, it is sure to fit in your hand like an extension of your arm and last you years to come. 

It is hand sharpened and is triple-riveted for extra durability, supports fiberglass resin, and is stain resistant and easily cleaned to take all the stress from your post-cook cleanup.

Let us look at some of our favorite pointers about this stellar cleaver.

  • Carefully tapered for minimal slicing resistance.
  • Tall blade height provides knuckle clearance.
  • Made from premium materials.
  • Includes a sheath and handcrafted acacia wood stand.


Dalstrong Obliterator Meat Cleaver - 9' - Gladiator Series R - Wood Stand and Sheath Included - Razor Sharp Massive Heavy Duty - 3lbs - 6mm Thickness - 7CR17MOV Steel - G10 Handle - NSF Certified

Our top pick is the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 9” Cleaver Knife.

A blade that is absolutely brutal when put up against any foody foe. It is bound to obliterate any culinary obstacle in a single sharp chop. Nothing will get in its way. 

It is made with star craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and supports a stunning design that is made with premium materials and expert care.

It has a razor-sharp edge, with full tang and is made from premium high-quality carbon 7cr17mov steel that is carefully heat treated at 60HRC. 

Its shape is beautifully inspired by vicious medieval weaponry, so you can feel like a fearsome warrior while you wield it. At 2.9lbs in weight and 6mm thickness, how could you not be tempted?

Its design is award-winning, no doubt,  it has a satisfying heft and a quality feel so good you won’t want to put it down.

Not to mention it has an ultra luxurious G-10 military grade handle that is hand polished and ergonomic, with long-life durability and providing a handle shape that makes for superior control, agility, and comfort when you most need it.

It is carefully designed for hardness, flexibility, and minimal resistance when slicing. And thanks to the tall blade height there is plentiful knuckle resistance.

It comes with a beautiful acacia handcrafted wood stand for elegant display or a sheathe for careful protection.

This outstanding blade is hand sharpened, triple riveted for ensured durability, an impervious fiberglass resin, sought after stain resistance, an expertly hand polished spine, an extra thick blade, and easy cleaning for when washing your cooking appliances needs to be a breeze. 


  • Military grade ergonomic handle.
  • Durable.
  • Easy washing.
  • Tall blade provides plentiful knuckle resistance.


  • One consumer reported of it smashing soft vegetables under the weight of the blade. 


Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife Stainless Steel for Home Kitchen and Restaurant (Black, 7 Inch)

Our best budget pick is the Utopia Kitchen 7” cleaver knife. Sometimes you need a decent cleaver and quickly, if you’re inexperienced with a cleaver, trying it out with a high quality budget knife is a smart move.

Especially if you’re new to cleaver-required cooking.

It is a fantastic heavy duty cleaver that is made from absolute 100% stainless steel.

The blade of this incredible 7” cleaver knife, slices with ease through any large food and is the perfect addition for your kitchen for bone slicing, chopping and cleaving. 

It features an ABS-430 handle which allows for easy grip and hassle free maneuvring. With a superior quality stainless steel blade, it holds for an extra sharp edge. This provides longer lasting and superior quality cutting.

Its design is even exclusively made for the tough work of day-to-day commercial catering. And, is even dishwasher safe, although, It is recommended to hand wash this knife to preserve the quality of the blade. 

It owns an ergonomic design with an easy easy handle so hat slicing is easy and quick. What is even better about this knife is that it is a sustainable and eco friendly knife, meaning that when it is time to say goodbye to it, it is completely recyclable. 

The ergonomic and comfortable handle helps you if you do a lot of kitchen work, as it relieves and minimizes wrist tension, ensuring long term comfort while using it.

It also makes our list due to its tarnish and rust resistance, making it a fantastic long term knife and also making for easy cleaning. 


  • Suitable for meat, veg, and fruit.
  • Provides accuracy with segmenting foods and is suitable for hard fruits, like pineapple.
  • Comfortable handle reduces wrist tension.
  • Very sharp edge for superior cutting.


  • Blade may not return to original sharpness over time despite sharpening.


imarku Cleaver Knife 7 Inch Meat Cleaver - SUS440A Japan High Carbon Stainless Steel Butcher Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Ultra Sharp, Useful Kitchen Gadgets for Home and Restaurant

Our third top pick is the Imarko Cleaver Knife.

This knife is fantastic, with multipurpose capabilities for chopping, mincing, slicing, cleaving, and dicing. It is super sharp and ensures maximum performance and durability for a long life. 

Made from german imported stainless steel Its high quality blade is rust resistant and edge retentive, providing the perfect balance of conditions for longevity and easy care for your knife. 

It is durable and strong, but also provides comfort with its well crafted handle. When cutting you will find it well-balanced and effortless, especially when cutting and cleaving large pieces of food. 

One of our favorite parts of this cleaver knife is its handle. Which is made from superior quality pakka wood, which makes it comfortable for both your hands and your fingers whilst retaining the quality and style of the overall knife. 

It retains at 2.5mm thickness, making it slender, whilst giving it enough width to successfully slice through tough food types. 

Although this blade is fantastic for all cooking types, it is recommended to avoid hand wash and is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning as this may damage the blade.

To clean simply use hot water, and mild soap, this will keep it sharp and sparkly clean.

It is also advised to keep the blade away from other metals when storing, hence it is best to store the knife in an appropriate block.


  • HRC 57 +/- 1. 
  • Multipurpose cleaving.
  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Not for use near hot flame or with frozen food as it will blunt the blade.


We love our fourth pick, the Ovanto Cleaver Knife. This knife is a fantastic knife if you need one that will replace half of your catering needs, perfectly able to shop any veg or fruit as well as being an expert at slicing, dicing, and mincing your meats. 

This blade is an Italian designed Chinese vegetable cleaver and meat knife that offers both quality and maneuverability simultaneously.

Empty your drawers of your different knife for each thing and consider investing in a multi-capable cleaver knife like this. Not only does it make life easier but it cuts down on clutter. 

One of the reasons we put the Ovanto Cleaver Knife on this list is due to its hardy and vigorous testing that proved its quality and sustainability.

Thanks to thorough testing according to the US food contract regulations, and it being carefully tested by an expert butcher, of whom stated that despite its lightness in comparison to their usual blades, it praised sharpness and quality. 

Another reason that this knife is so good is that it houses an ergonomic, non-slip pakkawood handle. The non-slip, waxed handle provides the versatility and ease of use you need whilst fitting comfortably in any sized hand. 

This knife is best to be hand washed, avoiding dishwashers to retain sharpness. Great for professionals its tapered bolster gives it tip-top zero balance and finger protection.

Providing a natural grip on the handle. As well as featuring full tang for the absolute maximum robustness. 


  • Rust and Corrosion resistant.
  • Non-slip handle provides stability for use.
  • Multi-use knife.
  • Forged with ice temperate hardness.


  • Best used on wooden or plastic chopping boards. Glass and metal boards may dull the blade.


DALSTRONG Meat Cleaver Knife - 7 inch - Phantom Series - Premium Japanese High-Carbon AUS-8 Steel - Razor Sharp - Spanish Pakkawood Handle Kitchen Knife - Meat Cutting, Carving, Bone - Sheath Included

In last place, we present another Dalstrong Cleaver Knife.

Dalstrong are a renowned brand of catering knives and are often one of the go-to companies for knife enthusiasts with their unique styles, sleek designs, and hardy blades. 

This Dalstrong in particular is fantastic for breaking down small and boneless meats, suitable for every knife wielder, from professional chefs to home cooks.

Like all fantastic Dalstrong knives, this blade was painstakingly forged, and honed by expert craftsmen at 13- 15 degrees and beautifully nitrogen cooled for the exceptional hardness you want in a cleaver. 

The blade is forged from a single piece of ice-tempered, high carbonated, Japanese, AUS-8 stainless steel, providing a HRC of 58+.

We love hearing about how Dalstrong forge their knives for enthusiastic catering fans. 

If you’re looking for aesthetics in your cleaver as well as practicality, this blade is also beautifully engraved and has a hand polished spine.

It also features a black Pakkawood handle that is carefully hand polished and laminated for the best grip you can get.

The Japanese D shape of the handle also makes sure that it tucks into the palm of your hand, so that the blade is just like an extension of you and your skills, providing the extra control you need for the smoothest cuts. 

It only weighs 1lb, and the narrow blade provides absolute unbeaten maneuverability. This blade is great for both professional chefs and even makes a great addition to knife collections with its show-stopping aesthetic. 


  • Extra full tang for strength.
  • Honbazuke sharpening able.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Ruthlessly sharp scalpel-styled edge.


  • May feel a bit heavy if you are used to Japanese cleaver knives.

Best Cleaver Knife Buying Guide

Before buying your new cleaver knife, you want to consider a few things about how it will work for you.

Whether this is your first cleaver knife or if you are an experienced user, you want to ensure the best quality and match of blade for how you will use it and what it can do for you. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most primary considerations.


It should go without saying that the blade is one of the most important factors when buying a cleaver knife. Cleavers are often a heavy, rectangular shape and are often no longer than 15 centimeters in length from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. 

The best blades are often made from a single piece of stainless steel. The perfect blade is heavy enough to tackle large food types and sharp enough to provide a clean slicing cut. The blade should also be well forged to retain its sharpness throughout excessive use.


The handle is a primary consideration, as it’s the part of the knife that becomes an extension of yourself. One factor you want to look for is full-tang.

If you do not know what tang is, then it is the core of the handle, often metal going down the center, this is usually encased in rubber or plastic. A handle that has full tang will be durable and well balanced. 

You also want to look for comfort in the handle, if you are going to be using it often, you want to avoid any possible discomfort.

Seek out a blade that praises its handle shape on comfortable use, often full tang handles encased in rubber or hardwood, such as pakka, offer comfort and non-slip properties. While plastic or stainless steel handles are usable, they can get slippery, so it is best to avoid these. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Cleaver Knife can cut through bone?

Most commonly meat cleavers can cut through bone, these are often used by butchers to cut off sections of meat from a carcass and are therefore used to cut through bone.

The sides of these blades are often used for crushing foods like garlic as well. These blades tend to be heavy and support a tough edge, providing resistance to repeated hits into thick meats. 

Why do Chinese Chefs use cleavers?

The shape and size of cleavers are very suitable for certain types of cooking. In this case, the blade is used to cut the meat, while the blunt top edge is used to pound and tenderize it.

The sides are also perfect for crushing garlic or ginger. And due to its large flat size also makes for easy transference of food from chopping board to wok. 

This means that in Chinese cooking, a meat cleaver is versatile enough for cooking the whole dish and is therefore viewed as the most appropriate knife style for this type of catering.  

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