Best Coffee For Moka Pot

Originating in Italy, this common household coffee maker is an easy way to get barista-standard, coffee shop brewed beverages from the comfort of your own home. Taking many shapes and sizes, the Moka pot is a favorite amongst caffeine fans.

Whether you’ve got a more modern electric kind, or prefer the traditional heated stovetop variety, you’re bound to get a delicious espresso, producing a higher rate of extraction than some of the most expensive espresso machines on the market.

Just because you’ve got the perfect pot, though, doesn’t mean your coffee is going to be good. Investing in some high quality ground beans is imperative, and we’ve picked out five of our favorites to share with you today.

New to the Moka life or just need a refresher lesson? Check out the Buyer’s Guide, which outlines step by step the best method for brewing the perfect pot of coffee with your new toy, as well as what kind of coffee you should be pairing it with.

And, finally, if you have a burning question left, look no further than the FAQs section which comes last but certainly not least. We’ve answered some common queries from your fellow caffeine-heads, so hopefully we’ll have covered yours too!

Keen For A Boost Of Sweet Sweet Caffeine? Here’s Our Top Pick:


Bialetti Coffee, Moka Ground, Light Roast, Milano, Italy Signature 100% Arabica Blend, Vacuum Sealed 8.8 Ounce Tin Can

From the heart of Milan, one of Italy’s greatest sources of coffee, comes Bialetti’s perfect Moka pot blend.

Available in a light Milano or dark Napoli roast, there’s something to tickle every caffeine lover’s fancy, which is why it’s our number one.

Flavorwise, the light roast has a delicate body, offering floral notes and the aroma of dried fruits; from 100% Arabica blend beans, it’s a full-body coffee with more natural sugars, for a better, less bitter taste overall.

With 8.8 ounces you’ve got over thirty coffees to enjoy (judging by the average amount used for a single espresso), and as the tin is vacuum sealed, it will stay as fresh as it was when first ground, for as long as you need it to.

Prefer a darker, more intense flavor to your morning cup? No worries! Just go for the Napoli, which has more of a bitter, cocoa aroma, and is a hybrid of 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans, which should satisfy the hit you’re craving.

If you have a Bialetti pot, this coffee is the perfect companion, but because it’s been ground to work perfectly with any Moka pot, you’ll achieve a delightful brew no matter what brand you have. Bon appetit!


  • Authentic Italian coffee, from the heart of Milan
  • Two roast styles to suit your taste buds
  • Vacuum sealed can to ensure months of freshness
  • Enough coffee for more than thirty cups


  • Be careful opening - the seal is very tight and it can really pop!


Café Britt® - Costa Rican Origins Coffee Bundle (12 oz.) (3-Pack) (Coffee From: Tarrazú, Tres Ríos & Poás) - Ground, Arabica Coffee, Kosher, Gluten Free, Gourmet & Medium Light & Dark Roast

Looking to add more variety to your coffee habit? Try this trio of Costa Rican, single-origin coffees, expertly medium roasted with individual regional differences that each have something special to offer.

Having been founded in 1985, Cafe Britt have been roasting for over thirty years, as Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee company; their 100% Arabica beans come from CR’s most renowned growing regions, for a truly special, home grown taste.

Their premium grinding process and triple-layer aluminum bag ensure guaranteed freshness, locking in the goodness and preventing any loss of quality in transit - from Costa Rica directly to your kitchen.

The Poas is from the Central valley, with smoky fruity notes; Tres Rio has a delicious aroma of allspice, orange and plum; the darker Tarrazu is slightly more bitter, and reminds us of cacao and grapefruit. Something for everybody!

High-mountain grown from strictly hard beans, they strive for perfection, so only the very best crops make it to grinding. It's also certified kosher and gluten free for those with dietary restrictions to enjoy worry free.


  • A trio of three delicious coffees, ground perfectly for Moka
  • 100% Costa Rican Arabica, single-origin beans
  • Triple-layer aluminum seal for a one year shelf life 
  • Expertly roasted for delicious and differing flavors


  • It’s a three pack, so it’s a little pricier than our other options


illy Ground Coffee (Moka Dark Roast)

Roasted to perfection, offering a rich and balanced taste with notes of chocolate and caramel, illy’s Medium Roast ground coffee is another ideal choice from the heart of Italy, perfect for use with your Moka pot.

Having cultivated long-lasting, personal relationships with their growers, a direct trade model ensures that the coffee is grown perfectly, sustainably and at no cost to the workers, which is why they won 2019’s World’s Most Ethical Companies award.

Beautifully ground to create the ideal consistency for Moka espresso, you won’t have trouble with grounds stuck in your filter or bitter, over-extracted coffee, and you don’t have to grind your own to achieve this quality!

The black band on its packaging indicates that this coffee is Tostato Forte, one of the darkest, richest blends they offer; once brewed up, your nose will detect the delicious aroma of toasted bread, so it’s perfect for breakfast time!

Undergoing an exclusive packaging process, every single batch of illy is safely packed in a pressurized, air-free can, working to seal in and enhance those precious oils and aromas for the freshest taste, cup after cup.


  • Specially formulated for use with a Moka pot - the ideal grind
  • Dark roast, with notes of chocolate and caramel
  • Pressurized seal to lock in freshness
  • 100% Arabica beans, for the finest taste around


  • Some customers have reported they received a lid that opens akin to a tin can, so make sure you have a container on hand just in case!


Lavazza Espresso Italiano - Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce

Through four generations of the Lavazza family, they’ve dedicated more than 120 years to developing the best blends of beans the world over, to deliver an authentic Italian experience at home. Their Espresso Italiano coffee is a testament to that!

Blending 100% beans, mostly originating from Central and South America, processed in Settimo Torinese, Italy, this beautifully balanced coffee has dried fruit notes, a rich dark roast with a strong and fragrant flavor.

Declaring its intensity at a five out of ten, ideal for use in espresso machines but suitably ground to use with any coffee maker, it’s great for those looking for a slightly mellower dark coffee to drink every day.

If you stick to the classic 7g serving for your espresso, each 8 ounce can contains approximately 32 servings, as well as having a shelf life of approximately two years.

Thanks to its innovative seal, it tastes as though it was just ground, too.

At such an affordable price, you might expect an average coffee, but this transports you to the heart of Italy with a single sip.

You don’t have to spend twenty bucks on a bag of grinds to experience authentic Italiano anymore.


  • 120 years of experience for a genuine Italian taste
  • Works well with most coffee machines, including Moka pots
  • More affordable than equally authentic coffees
  • 5/10 intensity - a solid, middle of the road taste


  • Not the coffee to use if you want a thick ring of crema


Medaglia D'Oro Italian Roast Espresso Style Ground Coffee, 10 Ounces

This might be the most budget-friendly coffee on our list, but the Italian Roast blend from Medaglia D’Oro is also one of the most flavorful and authentic coffees we’ve chosen, produced using 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Ground finely enough to suit an espresso machine but still working wonderfully in tandem with your Moka pot, you’ll achieve a traditional Italian cup whatever method you use to obtain it. Versatile enough for a whole family of caffeine lovers! 

You also receive more than the average bag of grounds, with 10 ounces in each single tin purchased, though if you want to stock up (and who could blame you) they also offer a great deal on a bulk buy of 12 tins!

Traditionally ground and roasted, it offers a deep, rich, dark flavor, but avoids the unpleasantly bitter aftertaste that darker roasts can provide, and customers suggest that it’s even better than the offerings from illy and Lavazza!

Roasting their beans since 1924, they’re another coffee company that has passed their knowledge and secrets from generation to generation - or as they put it, ‘la tradizione continua’ - the tradition continues!


  • Dark and strong, without being overwhelmingly bitter
  • Can be bought in bulk so you never run out!
  • Works great with a Moka pot or any espresso maker
  • Also available in a decaf blend if you prefer


  • The listing price can fluctuate - get a deal while you can!

Best Coffee For Moka Pot Buying Guide

Making A Perfect Moka: What You Need To Know

When it comes to the Moka pot, the most important thing you need to know is that a medium or medium-fine grind is your best bet for perfection - slightly coarser than you’d use with a French Press, a little more finely ground than drip coffee calls for.

Trust us on this one. If your grind is too fine, then it’s an acrid, bitter taste you’ll get, whereas, too coarse and you’re looking at a very sad and water-logged cup of Joe, with acidic backnotes. Finding that perfect middle ground is very important.

Unlike a classic espresso maker, the Moka doesn’t work by using pressure, so it’s not necessary to tamp your grinds down before adding water. This is a one way ticket to over-extraction, and a poorly tasting coffee.

Being a pot of Italian design (where else could such a delightful machine have come from?!) we’ve noticed that Italian blends, like those from illy or Lavazza on our list, tend to offer really great results with a Moka. Those folks really know what they’re doing.

For the best results with your Moka pot, it’s highly recommended that you buy your own whole bean coffee and use a quality grinder to achieve the perfect consistency. Plus, you get the joy of freshly ground coffee every day!

They also come in different sizes, so it’s important to consider which pot is right for you. For instance, a one-cup pot is ideal for a single shot of intense espresso, where a two-cup pot makes two, if you catch our drift. 

In order to properly prepare a Moka, they need to be filled all the way up, so don’t go for a huge 6 cup pot and think you’ll be able to make 3 when you’re not in the mood. You’ll either end up with disappointing coffee or too much deliciousness!

Brewing A Moka - Step By Step

You will need:

  • Medium grind coffee, roasted to your taste
  • Just-boiled water
  • Coffee grinder (if you’re using whole beans)
  • A cloth or towel
  1. Grab your pre-ground coffee, or prepare enough to fill the whole coffee basket. Level off any excess, being careful to avoid tamping at any point.
  2. Very carefully fill your water chamber with boiling water, until the meniscus (top of the water) is level with the bottom of the release valve. DO NOT COVER THIS VALVE! It prevents the build up of pressure.
  3. Reassemble the pot, ensuring there are no stray grounds between any of the components or fastenings - you want to ensure a perfectly tight seal to obtain that classic espresso taste.
  4. Pop your pot on the stove, setting your burner to a low/medium-low heat, and rotate in such a way that your handle won’t hover above the flames and get hot.
  5. Now we play the waiting game - this is a slow process, but it’s worth it! You’re going to see five or ten minutes pass before anything happens, but if at this point you’re still at a standstill, nudge the heat up a little.
  6. Observe the upper chamber - you’ll notice that it is gradually filling with delicious coffee, brewed just right. Any spitting or hissing and it’s too hot, so you need to lower the heat. Keep a close eye on the pot during this step
  7. Once you’ve hit approximately 75% full, and the coffee is nearly touching your spout, take it off the heat using the towel to protect your hand. Allow it to cool for a minute and finish bubbling away.
  8. As soon as it’s not going to scald the roof of your mouth off, go ahead and pour into your favorite mug. Add milk, sweetener and syrups to taste if you fancy, but we like our coffee strong and black.

Top Tip: If you notice that you seem to get a bitter note no matter what, try placing a slightly damp dishcloth in the freezer for a few minutes and then, when your pot is coming off the heat, place it on there. Rapid cooling helps!

Other Factors To Consider:

Whilst this is more to do with your coffee of choice, rather than the Moka pot itself, it’s still important.

Even if you’ve never had an espresso that you enjoyed, you could just be drinking the wrong java for you! Think about...

Roast Strength

Coffee is typically roasted in three levels: light, medium and dark. It’s possible to find some beans that have achieved roasting in between these levels, too, but this trio are the most commonly used tiers.

Though they are prepared differently, this doesn’t determine the strength of your brew, as the majority of roasted coffee has the same caffeine content whether it’s a light or a dark batch. The more you know!

When you like things sweet, aim for a light or light-medium roast, and for those after a hit that assaults the senses, consider a medium to dark variety. The longer the roast, the darker the coffee

Flavor Notes

Those who’ve previously only had instant (you heathens!) might think that every single cup of coffee tastes the same, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Coffee can have hints of absolutely anything! Chocolate, caramel, fruity, smoky… anything.

Remember you still need a medium grind for the best results with your Moka, but other than that: go wild! Look for the flavor profiles that sound tastiest to you, and try different brands and styles until you uncover which one is your favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a finer grind make stronger coffee?

Whilst it’s not all about the grind, the finer you go, the more flavor you’re able to extract from the coffee.

However, choosing a darker roast or altering the ratio of water to ground beans can also make for a stronger brew overall.

Can you get crema using a Moka pot?

Unfortunately, as a standard Moka only uses approximately 1.5 bar of pressure, it’s impossible to produce a crema, which requires around 6 bars to do.

You can, though, buy an add on called a ‘Cremator’ for your pot, which helps to achieve it.

How much coffee should I put in a Moka pot?

You’re going to want enough coffee to totally fill the basket provided, so this will depend on the size of your pot!

For a 2-cup pot, say, you’re looking at around 7.5 to 10g of coffee for a full basket. Remember not to tamp! 

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