Best Meat Grinder for Bones

When using fresh meat, have you ever cringed at how much you’re actually wasting when it comes to bones?

Instead of throwing those bones out, have you ever thought to grind them down and repurpose them? Investing in a meat grinder for bones can help you use every scrap of meat that you purchase.

While it’s true that bones don’t really have a purpose in human dishes, you’re in luck if you have a dog. Ground bones are used for dog food and offer them a variety of great nutrients in their daily meals. You can also use ground bones for plant fertilizer in your garden.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to grind the bones down, you might be disappointed to find out that you cannot use any old meat grinder.

Most are not strong enough to withstand the dense texture of the bones. Using your current meat grinder might leave you with a broken machine rather than broken bones.

Today we’re going to be looking at the five best meat grinders for bones. We’ve also included a buyers guide to ensure that you’re getting the best meat grinder for you. Finally, if you still have questions, we’ll have surely answered them in our FAQs. 

In a hurry?

If you’re desperate to begin grinding your bones and don’t have time to read our entire buyers guide right now, you’re in luck.

We’ve fast-tracked you to find out which of the meat grinders on the market is best for bones in our opinion.

We think that the AICOK Electric Meat Grinder stands out the most from the other options on the market, and therefore we believe that it is the best option out there.

Below are just a few of the reasons why we like this meat grinder so much and why we think that you’ll love it too:

  • The powerful motor ensures that you can grind meat and bones in a short amount of time.
  • It is durable enough to withstand prolonged use for grinding bones.
  • Once you’re finished, the grinder is incredibly easy to clean.
  • AICOK offers excellent customer service with a two-year warranty. 


Beginning our list today is the AICOK Electric Meat Grinder, an excellent machine with a powerful 300W motor, which can reach a maximum output of 2000W.

You can produce up to three pounds of minced meat within just one minute, and the same amount of bones in not much more time.

The appliance is made from stainless steel, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting - even when grinding bones.

You’ll receive plenty of additional attachments to ensure that you can make whatever you want to with your meat grinder.

You’ll be surprised at how simple and quick it is to clean this meat grinder. There is an unclogging function and every piece comes apart very quickly and easily.

Every piece of the grinder is made of food-grade material and is safe for all the family. AICOK also offers a money-back guarantee as well as 2-year quality assurance.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Durable enough for the use of bones.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Great customer service and warranty. 


  • A few customers found that their grinder came with missing parts.


LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder, Silver

Next up we have a hand grinder instead of an electric alternative, but don’t skip this one just yet.

There are so many happy customers behind this grinder stating how amazing it is at grinding all types of bones! The heavy-duty machine is not going to let you down, no matter what you want to grind.

This model is also stainless steel which is durable enough to withstand grinding bones.

This also means that the grinder is resistant to rust and corrosion, meaning that it will last you for a long time. The clamp is reliable and strong enough to keep the grinder in one position.

You will also receive plenty of additional attachments, such as coarse and fine grinding plates, stuffing tubes, and one knife.

The appliance is easy to clean and store thanks to the smaller size. This is also the most inexpensive option on our list!


  • Plenty of happy customers.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Most budget-friendly grinder on our list. 


  • Requires more effort from you than an electric grinder.


STX International 'Gen 2 -Platinum Edition' Magnum 1800W Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder - 3 Lb High Capacity Meat Tray, 6 Grinding Plates, 3 S/S Blades, 3 Sausage Tubes & 1 Kubbe Maker & Much More!

With a maximum wattage of 1800, our next meat grinder is a heavy-duty model that is excellent for bones as well as meat.

The meat tray can hold more than three pounds of meat, so the capacity is large enough for big batches of bone grinding.

There is a cooling system within the meat grinder to ensure that the appliance doesn’t overheat.

Pair this with the stainless steel exterior and you have a very durable meat grinder! A cooling system works well to prolong its lifespan.

You will receive lots of different attachments to enhance the usability of your meat grinder. These include different sizes of cutting blades, grinding plates, and sausage stuffing tubes.

STX International also offers a three-year warranty to protect your purchase.


  • Powerful meat grinder.
  • Large capacity for large bones.
  • Three-year warranty. 


  • Some parts are made from aluminum which is not as durable as stainless steel.


Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder - Max 1.3 HP 1000W Heavy Duty Meat Mincer Sausage Grinder - Metal Gears, Reverse, Circuit Breaker, Stainless Steel Cutting Blade and Plates, 1 Sausage Stuffs

The Sunmile large meat grinder features a motor with a high power of 350W, reaching up to 1000W of locked power.

You can grind up to 200 pounds of meat per hour with this grinder, and just imagine what you can do with bones as well.

The durability of the meat grinder is great and will last you for a long time, even with grinding bones on a regular basis.

The grinder is made from polished cast aluminum which is food grade and safe to use.

Features a coarse, medium, and fine grinding plate so that you can choose which texture you want to use at any given time.

There are also a few more accessories that come along with this meat grinder.


  • Grind lots of meat in record timing.
  • Great durability.
  • Option to change the texture of grinding plates.


  • Rather noisy while running.


Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder, Silver

Last but not least we have a meat grinder from Weston. This grinder is made from stainless steel and therefore incredibly durable and reliable.

You can grind bones for years to come without worrying about this model breaking down.

This portable grinder is excellent for use at home. The entire thing only weighs four pounds and the body is compact enough to be stored away whenever you’re not using it.

You won’t have a grinder wasting your counter space while not in use.

Along with the grinder and three grinding plates with differing textures imprinted on them, you’ll also receive a sausage stuffing funnel to make your own sausages.

The model is also easy to clean thanks to a reverse function to remove meat from hard to reach areas.


  • Durable and reliable meat grinder.
  • Compact and portable to store away without any issue.
  • Easy to clean. 


  • There is no warranty offered with this meat grinder.

Best Meat Grinder for Bones Buying Guide

Now that we’ve looked at the best options on the market, it’s still important to note that not every meat grinder will work for everyone. There are a few factors that you should consider before deciding upon one model in particular.

When it comes to investing in appliances, research is key. That is why we have compiled a list of the most important things to consider when choosing the best meat grinder for bones for your personal needs.


How much meat and bones do you want to grind at once? It would be a shame to have to continuously repeat the grinding process because your meat grinder isn’t at the optimal capacity for you.

We know that it is unlikely that you know how much meat you grind up at any given time, but a ballpark amount will suffice. Do you grind a small amount of meat at a time or a larger quantity?

Some meat grinders have a capacity of 150 pounds while others can hold up to 300 pounds. The larger your meat grinder is, the more time you’ll save. However, these tend to be more expensive so don’t choose a higher capacity just for the fun of it.


Meat grinders that also work with bones are rather a rarity to come by.

As meat is much more of a soft texture than bones, it can be difficult to find a grinder that can do both. However, as our article has shown, it’s not impossible.

You might need to search around for a grinder that can grind bones as well as it can meat. Some manufacturers will even advise you not to grind bones with the machine, but previous customers will say that it works great.

Some meat grinders come with additional purposes such as sausage stuffing and kubbe making. These are great for meat lovers that don’t always want to prepare their meat the same.

If you want to make your life a little easier when it comes to making sausages, definitely look for how versatile a meat grinder is.


The power of the motor is another thing to consider when choosing your meat grinder for bones. Again, this will depend on how much meat you grind at one time.

A more powerful motor with a higher watt will grind bones and meat quicker, so is best if you’re going to be grinding up entire animals every day.

Having said that, the higher the power of your meat grinder will also make it louder and noisier. As grinding bones is already a noisy process this might not bother you too much, but others will want to keep it as hushed as possible.

Size and Weight 

Some meat grinders are better intended for commercial use and are therefore very heavy. This is to stop them from falling and shifting around while they’re grinding.

However, if you’re using the grinder at home you will probably want to store it away when you’re not using it.

That is unless you like having large stainless steel appliances littered around your kitchen workspace! Although, if you are going to store it away you will want it to be the correct size to remain unseen until the next time that you want to use it.

For this reason, it’s important to ensure that the size and weight of the grinder are optimal for your home.

Number of Attachments

Some meat grinders come with different attachments that can enhance your usability and experience.

These can include different sizes of cutting blades, various grinding plates, meat claws, and preparation techniques. Again, you should decide how much you’re going to be using your grinder and whether or not you have a need for all of these attachments.

If you had a need for all of the attachments, we would definitely recommend getting them. However, this will drive the price point up and therefore you should only opt for them if you believe that you’re going to get a lot of use out of them.


Grinding bones is very different from grinding meat only, and many manufacturers warn that grinding bones will reduce the lifespan of the appliance. For this reason, you need to ensure that your grinder is as durable as possible.

Opting for a durable model will ensure many years of use out of your investment. Make sure to choose the highest quality materials and components. Stainless steel is considered the best in the long run, so definitely look for a strong metal similar to this.

Customer Reviews 

The customer reviews of a meat grinder are where you’ll find all of the nitty-gritty details of an appliance. They’ll tell you how the appliance works, whether it is loud or not, and how well it grinds bones.

All of the above products that we have recommended have excellent reviews concerning how the appliance grinds bones.

However, if there is something wrong with the appliance or that people are not happy with, the customer reviews section will give you a well-rounded look into the appliance and what some of the drawbacks are.

When in doubt, always look for confirmation in the customer reviews section.


We all love a bargain, but there are some things that you shouldn’t cut corners with.

Choosing a meat grinder that is inexpensive usually means that it is not as durable as possible, not as powerful, and doesn’t hold a good capacity.

For this reason, we always advise opting for a higher-priced meat grinder. These are more likely to be strong enough to grind bones without crumbling under the pressure.

While we know that not everyone has the means to choose the top of the range grinder, we always recommend choosing the best that you can afford.


The higher the price of your meat grinder, the more likely it is that it will come with a warranty. A warranty is incredibly important when it comes to grinding bones with a meat grinder as this puts the appliance in a more compromising position as it is.

With a higher risk of your meat grinder failing under the pressure, the urgency to protect your investment is that much more pressing. We always recommend finding a meat grinder with an impressive warranty if you are going to be grinding bones on a regular basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why grind bones?

Bones are great sources of vitamins and minerals for dogs and plants. The ground-up bone matter can either be used as an organic fertilizer in your garden, or you can sprinkle it onto your dog’s food for a boost of nutrients.

Alternatively, some people prefer to grind up bones so that they can dispose of them easier without having large bones smelling out their entire house. Ground up bones don’t really do much for human consumption, but there are plenty of uses for them around the house.

Can you grind bones in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can grind bones in a meat grinder. As there are no grinders that focus solely on bones, you will need a meat grinder that can withstand the added pressure of grinding bones.

Some are not cut out for the job, but you can find some great heavy-duty meat grinders on the market that are more than capable of grinding bones.

Can a food processor grind bones?

Yes, you can grind bones in a food processor. This is a popular method if you don’t have a meat grinder. However, don’t rush to throw your bones into the food processor just yet.

Food processors are not designed for bones and therefore sometimes are not durable enough to withstand the tricky bones. So, you might find that your food processor falters shortly after your bones are ground. If you want to avoid this, we recommend opting for a meat grinder instead. 

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