Best Wooden Spoons For Cooking

Any cook, whether a chef or a home cook, likes to have quality in their cookware. The utensils used when cooked, become an extension of our hands and arms as we prepare food, and cook up delicious varieties of food. 

While there are many different utensils, we want to know, what is the best wooden spoon for cooking? Spoons are used a great deal in catering, and there are many uses, serving, stirring, sauteing, and more.

So you need a quality, carefully made spoon that fits your cooking style and feels adequate and comfortable while you’re working hard in the kitchen. 

Plastic and metal spoons once had a prominent place in the kitchen, but now, wooden spoons are found to be the best, with no rust, heat resistance, and easy cleaning, its no wonder that wooden spoons are the best of the best in the world of catering. 

We’ve dug deep into the wonderful world of catering, wooden spoons, and quality utensils to name and praise the top five wooden spoons for cooking. 

In a Hurry?

You may be in need of a stellar wooden spoon as soon as possible, perhaps your old one broke and you are in dire need of a new one because that plastic soon just won’t cut it.

Or, maybe you are desperate to try one out, perhaps you’re new to the fantastic easy use of wooden cooking spoons and you are excited to try one out without reading through big passages. 

Sound like you? Well, if it does, you’re in the right place, here we will give you everything you need to know about our top pick, so you can get back to your cooking and become the master chef that you are. 

We praise the Nayahouse Wooden Cooking Utensils. These are handmade and sturdy, and this product includes two spatulas, a colander, and a spoon.

They are all made of 100% natural teak wood with a unique texture and design. They are easily washable and very durable. So, your kitchen is fun, easy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Best Facts

  • Easy gripping.
  • Partner well with non-stick pans. 
  • Easy cleaning with hand washing.
  • Bundle purchase for beautiful teak utensil set.


Wooden Cooking Utensils Kitchen Utensil,NAYAHOSE Natural Teak Wood Kitchen Utensils Set - Nonstick Hard Wooden Spatula and Wooden Spoons

Wooden cooking utensils are our Top Pick for wooden spoons for cooking. These are handmade from 100% natural teak.

Included in this product is not just an elegant wooden cooking spoon but also two spatulas and a colander. A complete set that gives your kitchen a sense of consistent catering style. 

Teak has a unique texture and design that makes the grip on the spoon easy and comfortable. The unique design is also likely to grab attention, as the teak finish shows the beautiful wood patterns. 

These are fantastic to use with non-stick pans and pots, due to the smooth finish, they will not scratch or damage any expensive or sensitive catering equipment.

This type of wood is also a hard and sturdy material, with a long lasting life, so you need not worry about any breaks, chips, scratches, or fraying in the wood. 

These utensils are best washed by hand, with warm water and mild detergent, it is also advised that you let them dry naturally after washing, you need not worry about damp on Nayhouse spoons, and drying naturally helps to retain the quality of the finish.


  • Durable teak wood.
  • Will not damage non-stick surfaces.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Handmade craftsmanship.


  • Be cautious of using water too hot when washing, if soaked in hot water it may wear off the colored finish of the utensils. 


Eddingtons HIC Italian Olive Wood Cooking Spoon, Handcrafted in Europe, 12-Inch,50002

Another beautiful option we have is Eddingtons HIC Italian Olivewood Cooking Spoon. This spoon is unique in its craftsmanship and unlike Nayahouse, it comes on its own.

This spoon is lightweight in comparison to some of its competitors. It is handcrafted from Italian Olivewood, with a measurement of 12” for cooking ease. 

It is durable and much like many wooden spoons, perfect for non-stick cooking. One of our favorite things about this spoon, in particular, is its crafting.

They are crafted from sustainably harvested olive wood branches. This makes each piece unique and gives exceedingly long life in its construction. 

These spoons do require maintenance, it is recommended to occasionally coat these with mineral oil t keep the olivewood looking as glamorous as when first purchased.

They provide exceptional durability and intense color patterns with oil-like grain patterns. 

This spoon is fantastic for the environmentally concerned person, due to the eco-friendliness of the construction and harvesting of this wood.

Wooden spoons are also easily biodegradable as well, so this spoon is an all-around win for eco-mindfulness. 


  • Unique 
  • Gentle on non-stick
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Aesthetically enticing.


  • More susceptible to chipping than other options.


Wood Utensils Set for Cooking, Teak Wooden Utensils Set Wood Spatula for Nonstick Cookware Kitchen Utensils Set 5

Next, we have another set made from teak wood, ‘The Mondayou Cooking Utensils’.

This is a 5 piece cooking utensil set that includes; a salad fork, a soup ladle, a wok spatula, a strainer spoon, and a teak spatula.

Much like the Nayahouse utensils, these are made from 100% natural teak wood. They are polished and durable, versatile, and are very safe and accommodate to excessive usage. 

With no toxic components, these are eco-friendly utensils for your kitchen, that give off no odor, are crack resilient, and are very accomodating to non-stick appliances. 

These utensils, also require cleaning via hand washing, with a mild detergent and warm water, with natural drying to keep them clean and of superior quality.

Providing a modern look, they also provide a hanging hole for easy storage. 

Should you not wish to let these utensils air dry, you can also dry them off with a lint-free cloth.

It is also advised that to keep your teak utensils at a brand-new quality, you should oil them with either, mineral, almond, walnut, or coconut oil. 

Simply use a lint-free rag to wipe over the surface, allow the oil to soak into the wood for over fifteen minutes, or even overnight for the best results. 

They are also easily refurbished should they become rough, do so with a piece of 320 grit sandpaper, gently rubbing along the grain to re-establish the smoothness of the wood. 


  • Non- toxic 
  • Natural Teak wood with no painting
  • Heat resilient handles.
  • No lacquer or varnish.


  • Handle sizes may vary in the set.


OXO Good Grips Wooden Corner Spoon, Brown, Set of 1

A popular choice of a wooden spoon, Oxo makes their utensils from beechwood with a natural oil finish.

This spoon comes with a long and comfortable handle which is like many others, being great for nonstick and sensitive cooking equipment. 

This spoon is durable and sturdy and will last many years if properly cared for and maintained.

In this, it is recommended to hand wash this spoon, with warm water and a mild detergent. These utensils are durable and non-breaking as they are made from a single piece of beech wood. 

Oxo is also a kitchen and catering specialist company, they produce appliances and utensils for all areas of the kitchen, including how to get your young ones in the kitchen and exploring with cooking at a young age.

Not only do they make quality products, but also useful family bonding opportunities.

As Oxo makes these utensils from beechwood, it’s worth knowing that beechwood holds many qualities similar to bamboo, as well as their reputation, this means a reputation and understanding of a long life and impressive durability.

They make a variety of spoons in many shapes and sizes and this spoon comes with a hanging hole for easy storage. 


  • Retains quality after many washes.
  • 1” deep bowl of the spoon, for maximum usefulness.
  • Aesthetic finish.
  • Hand friendly grip on the handle.


  • Be cautious of care, splintering is possible.


Neet Wooden Spoons For Cooking 6 Piece Organic Bamboo Utensil Set With Holder Wood Kitchen Utensils Spatula Spoon For High Heat Stirring In Nonstick Pots & Pans Quality Gift & Everyday Use

We finish with Neet Organic Bamboo’s Cooking and Serving Utensils. These utensils are made from 100% organic bamboo, the set comes with 5 wooden spoons and a spoon holder.

Bamboo makes for wonderful spoons that are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable, as bamboo is light, reliable, and fast growing, it grows faster than the wood of many other plants that can be used in the production of wooden cooking utensils and so does not damage eco-systems are drastically. 

The set includes a solid spoon, a spatula, a splotted spoon, a spork, and a curved spatula.

These utensils have smooth edges and make for a great variety spoon set for every type of cooking. Note the comfort of the handles, pleasant for all shapes and sizes of hands.

Bamboo utensils generally last longer than most wooden products and also has unique anti-bacterial qualities. It also displays no problems when exposed to intense heat. 

This is not the only exceptional quality of bamboo utensils, they are also scratch free, odor and stain resistant, and moisture resistant, so when you air dry your bamboo spoons, you know that the moisture will not damage the quality at all, and can rest assured that there will be no mold accumulation on your utensils. 


  • Organic Bamboo
  • Chemical-free and anti-bacterial natural properties.
  • Includes spoon holder.
  • Stain resistant.


  • A mildew smell is possible in the first few days of use.

Best Wooden Spoons For Cooking Buying Guide

Head Size

Though it may not always come to mind, the head size of your spoon is very important. It controls how well you can pick up food, how well you stir, ease of tasting, and sampling your dishes, and mixing capabilities. 

If your spoon head is too wide, it may be overbearing, making you feel as though you are rowing a boat more than you are stirring a dish, smaller areas may be missed and it may just feel too awkward when you use it.

However, if your spoon head is too thin, stirring will take too much effort and you may feel as though you are using a teaspoon to cook. 

You always want to take note of the depth of your spoon head. If your spoons head is too deep, the tasting will be difficult, you may have to put half the spoon in your mouth to taste, which can be unhygienic, and also, you’re probably going to taste more spoon than food in that instance.

On the other hand, if your spoon head is too shallow you may be unable to pick up food properly or miss certain bits, like larger chunks of food. 

The best spoon should be capable of scarping as well, enabling you to properly collect the food into the spoon for quality mixing of your ingredients, as well as avoiding instances of overcooking. 

Handle Size

Just as the head size is important, the handle is equally important. Some spoons may have a short handle, this can be useful in certain types of cooking.

But, for the most part, spoons will often have longer handles. These are usually long and sturdy, keeping your hands away from heat and boiling dishes, and out of the splash zone of any bubbling dishes or hot oils. 

A long handle will also enable you to access deeper pans and bowls when you are mixing your ingredients, giving you a greater ability to adequately mix all your ingredients for optimum flavor. It makes accessing your equipment in your utensil draws easier and looks better too. 

Do not forget to pay attention to width as well, a thin handle may be uncomfortable, as may one that is too thick.

If you cook on a regular basis and this spoon will be a consistent part of your catering routine, it is best to have a spoon that supports a handle, best suited for your hand and your comfort. You want to avoid aching hands as a result of avid cooking. 


Though, perhaps not as imperative as the shape and size of the spoon’s head and handle, considering the finish should never go amiss.

Well made and well finished spoons are generally more comfortable to use and also sustain their appearance for longer. Keeping its aesthetically pleasing looks for years and years. 

The finish is an important factor in maintaining long-term quality in your spoons, you can even improve the lasting time of the finish, by re-seasoning your spoons.

However, be aware of spoons that have a varnished finish, though they can be attractive, they may not mix well with hot water, and sometimes varnish can taint the water when washed in hot water 

Material/ Wood Types.

So many types of wood can be used to craft spoons and general kitchen utensils. But there a few considered best, these are usually, Maplewood, Beechwood, and the new eco-friendly choice adored by most manufacturers, Bamboo.

Bamboo is a favorite due to its sustainability, durability, and its natural anti-bacterial qualities.

Wood is the best material for cooking utensils, as it is naturally giving and very soft of hands. Not to forget how over time it will conform and adapt to the shape of your hands. 

Durability & Life Expectancy. 

While you browse your options for a wooden spoon, take into account the life expectancy.

Some materials, such as bamboo have a high life expectancy and are unlikely to develop chips or cuts. Other wood types are more susceptible to this. 

The finish will also take part in the life expectancy of this, as will how they are washed. To ensure maximum life out of any spoon, regardless of the wood type it is made from, it is advisable to avoid cleaning through your dishwasher.

As handy as dishwashers are, they are much more aggressive than hands and soap, they may remove the finish of your spoon or cause the wood to fray. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Bamboo utensils better? 

Bamboo is a sustainably farmed material. Fast-growing and one of the most eco-friendly and economical options.

Not only that, but it is also more durable with a longer life-span than other woods and definitely more so than plastic. 

It is also heat resistant, bamboo won’t morph when near heat like plastic utensils, nor will it brown like some wooden ones. It is also stain-resistant and water-resistant, so cleaning can be done with exceptional ease.

Don’t forget the antibacterial properties that make it perfect for health and safety in your kitchen. 

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