Bialetti Pans Reviews

Good kitchen tools are the foundation of quality, healthy food. In particular, a good set of pans is essential for optimizing your meals, and those with non-stick properties can reduce your fat consumption. Today we’ll be reviewing the top pans from Bialetti. 

Bialetti is a household name in Italy, and the brand originally made its mark in coffee, after Alfonso Bialetti’s Moka Express revolutionized the art of coffee brewing.

For nearly a century the company has been creating high-quality products with the aim of bringing “simplicity, functionality, and beauty to the kitchen.”

Why Bialetti? 

Bialetti promises that their pans will cook your food to perfection whilst maintaining the dish’s color and texture. 

Thanks to the non-stick, non-Teflon surface of their pans, you can maximize delicious aromas and fragrances whilst preparing low-calorie dishes.

Bialetti cookware combines technology with style to heighten your sensory experience in the kitchen.

All of their pans have a heavy bottom and are easy to use, thanks to the non-slip, non-scald, and non-burn ergonomic handles which are coated in silicone. Pans are available individually or in sets, in a variety of formats and diameters. 

Let’s take a look at each of the most popular Bialetti pans available online…


Bialetti Aeternum Nonstick White Ceramic Cookware, 8' Saute Pan, Red & White

The Bialetti Aeternum ceramic pan comes in a striking red and white design, and the ceramic white interior is non-stick for easy cleaning.

With a durable titanium-infused interior this pan is safe for metal utensil use and is also PFOA, PTFE, and Cadmium free so you can rest assured it’s not only safe for your health but it’s eco-friendly, too.

The titanium ensures a longer lifespan and provides more efficient cooking, while the white surface has better stain resistance and distributes heat evenly for the best cooking results. 

The porcelain enamel exterior heats higher for better searing and heat retention; it’s also burn-resistant which increases your safety in the kitchen.

The stay-cool, easy-grip silicone handles are securely riveted to the body of the pan for maximum strength as well as providing an ergonomic design for comfort.

The pan is oven safe to 450°F for maximum versatility, and the 8-inch size is ideal for making omelets, sauteeing sauces, or cooking for one person. 


  • Striking, Italian-style red and white design 
  • Non-stick, stain-resistant ceramic interior 
  • PFOA, PTFE, and Cadmium free
  • Porcelain enamel exterior heats higher and retains heat 
  • Easy-grip, stay-cool handles for easy lifting 
  • oven safe to 450°F


  • The non-stick interior wears down quickly 


Bialetti Impact Cookware, 2-Pack Fry Set, Gray

This Bialetti non-stick frypan comes in a two-set, and is available for an excellent price, providing great bang for your buck.

The set comes with an 8" and 10" frying pan which is inspired by Italian style and design, making them perfect for searing steaks and chicken or sautéing vegetables and simmering sauces. 

These pans have been crafted with Bialetti’s Micro-divot textured aluminum, which eliminates hot spots and evenly distributes the oil over the entire surface of the pan, which allows you to achieve more effective results and faster cooking times.

The Nanotec-infused nonstick surface offers excellent release and is metal utensil safe, which minimizes cleaning time and oil use, and also allows you to cook and serve meals all in one pan. 

These pans also have an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort: the handle is riveted silicone for a secure grip during cooking.

They’re also highly versatile: use these pans on both gas and electric stoves or even in the oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Excellent value for money - two pans included in the set 
  • Micro-divot textured aluminum for better oil distribution 
  • Nanotec-infused nonstick technology 
  • Metal utensil safe 
  • Ergonomic, silicone handle 
  • Highly versatile, and can be used in the oven


  • Not dishwasher safe


Bialetti Cookware, Ceramic Pro 10-Piece Set

If you want to invest in a full Bialetti cookware set, the ceramic pro range contains everything you’ll need: including 8" and 10" Sauté pans, 1.5qt and 3qt saucepans with lid, 3qt deep sauté with lid, and 6qt Dutch oven with lid. 

These pans are crafted from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum which provides superior heat distribution and maximum durability.

The cast stainless steel handles are heat-safe up to 400°F for ultimate versatility between the stovetop and oven.

 The eco-friendly nonstick ceramic interior provides easy release and quick cleaning, while the hard-anodized exterior provides long-term toughness which is backed up by Bialetti’s 10-year guarantee.

Just bear in mind that you’ll need to hand wash all of these pans to ensure they maintain their non-stick properties. 


  • Made from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum
  • Provide superior heat distribution 
  • Cast stainless steel handles for heat protection up to 400°F
  • Stovetop and oven safe 
  • Highly durable - 10-year guarantee 
  • Eco-friendly nonstick ceramic interior


  • Hand wash only 
  • Expensive 


Bialetti Sapphire induction compatible nonstick hard anodized fry pan, 8 inch, Dark Blue

Bialetti’s elegant Sapphire Blue range is designed to provide superior release and lasting durability for a lifetime of cooking.

The nonstick coating of this pan is PFOA free and is metal utensil and dishwasher safe for ultimate versatility and convenience.

The heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum vessel is twice as hard as stainless steel for ultimate durability, while the elegant Sapphire Blue exterior is easy-to-clean and provides superior heat distribution and retention for maximum cooking efficiency and results. 

The Sapphire cookware range also features a cast stainless steel handle for a secure grip and ergonomic design.

As with much of Bialetti’s range, this pan is safe to use on all stovetops, but can also be used on induction ones, and is oven-safe up to 400F.


  • Nanotec-infused, nonstick interior
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 400F
  • All cooktop safe, including induction
  • Riveted cast stainless steel handles


  • Non-stick surface wears down quickly

Bialetti Pans Buying Guide

What we like about Bialetti pans

  • Sleek, Italian designs: From the red and white contrast pans to the sapphire range, these pans embody Italian style and will look the part in any kitchen. 
  • Improved heat distribution and retention: From Bialetti’s Micro-divot textured aluminum which evenly distributes the oil over the entire surface of the pan, to the ceramic interior pans which retain heat for more efficient cooking, Bialetti’s cookware is infused with technology to maximize your cooking experience and results. 
  • Easy-lift handles: Bialetti pans have silicone-coated handles and an ergonomic design for easy lifting and a strong, stay-cool grip. 
  • Versatility: Most of their pans can be used on gas and electric stoves, and can be used in the oven too, with most being oven-safe up to 400F.  

What we dislike

  • The non-stick surfaces wear down quickly: while Bialetti’s non-stick surfaces work well at first, if they’re not cared for properly, you’ll find they lose their non-stick properties quite quickly, which is disappointing. They also don’t hold up too well when used at high temperatures, so if you regularly cook at high temperatures, it’s best to go for carbon-steel alternatives. 

How to care for your Bialetti pans

  • Use a little fat: While the purpose of non-stick cookware is to cut down your need to cook with oil, it’s best to still use a little bit of oil or butter. You’ll barely notice this, but it’ll help preserve the non-stick surface of the pan. 
  • Avoid high heat: Cook your food on low or medium heat. This takes more time, but you’ll preserve the non-stick properties of the pan and your food will come out much juicier and tastier. 
  • Avoid burning your food: It may be obvious, but burning your food will change the color of your cookware, and, as a result, it will also reduce its non-stick capabilities.
  • Avoid strong chemicals: Most Bialetti cookware can’t be washed in the dishwasher and needs to be cleaned by hand. You should avoid cleaning your pan with strong chemicals, and in most cases, warm water is often enough. After washing, carefully wipe the surface of the pan with a soft paper towel.

Final Say 

Bialetti pans are well-rated and we can see why: they’re sleek and sophisticated, provide excellent oil distribution and heat retention, and are highly versatile.

We like that they can be used to cook a range of dishes, can be used on stovetops and in the oven, and have easy-grip handles that stay cool for convenient lifting. 

Many of these pans are made out of high-quality materials such as titanium, ceramic, or aluminum, and there's a range of different pans that come in different sizes and are available for a broad price range, offering maximum accessibility regardless of your budget.

When cared for well, these pans have good non-stick surfaces, however, if used at high temperatures the non-stick properties will wear down quickly, which is the main drawback of Bialetti cookware. 

Despite this, the pans are a good mid-range option, and, depending on your cooking needs and style, they could help improve your cooking efficiency, and could ultimately enhance the flavor and aroma of your food for an increased sensory experience in the kitchen. 

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