Chicago Cutlery Knives Review

If there’s one piece of equipment that every kitchen needs, it’s a great set of knives.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or omnivorous, every recipe has ingredients that need slicing and dicing!

A quick look online, however, will bring up hundreds of different knife brands.

And, to make things more confusing, each of them claims to be the best. So, we decided to do a little digging and take a look at one of the most popular - Chicago Cutlery.

Chicago Cutlery Knives Review

What is Chicago Cutlery?

Chicago Cutlery is a cookware brand that creates fantastic knife sets for both home and restaurant use. They have become renowned for their durability and performance while being remarkably affordable for such high-quality knives. 

There are many reasons why home cooks and professional chefs alike choose Chicago Cutlery as their go-to brand for knives, and we’ll take a look at each of these points in a little more detail later. 

But, to begin with, let’s take a look at everything one of their most popular knife sets has to offer.

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 12 Piece Forged Premium Knife Block Set with Wooden Storage Block, Cushion-Grip Handles with Stainless Steel Blades, Kitchen Knife Set

Every knife in the Chicago Cutlery 12-Piece Knife Set has been constructed from high-carbon stainless steel to create stronger, more durable blades.

This also makes them rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, meaning you’ll be able to use them confidently across a range of ingredients without worrying about them getting damaged.

The variety of knives within this set includes:

  • 1 x 3.25” Paring Knife
  • 1 x 5” Utility Knife
  • 1 x 7.75” Bread Knife
  • 1 x 7.75” Chef Knife
  • 1 x 8” Slicing Knife
  • 6 x 4.5” Steak Knives

These knives have a forged design that gives them a little extra weight and, in turn, gives them a better balance. This makes speed-slicing and precision work much easier to undertake while reducing the risk of accidental injuries. 

Each of these knives can be safely stored away in the included block which is made from stained wood and has a stylish, classic appearance.

It’s also compactly designed, so it will take up less space on your kitchen surfaces while still providing you with easy access to your knives when you need them. 

The handle of each knife features a cushioned grip to make using them over a long period of time more comfortable.

It also acts as a safety measure and allows you to keep a firm hold on your knife during use, even when you’ve got wet hands.

These grips have been bolstered to the handles as well to provide extra security and increased durability. 

Every knife within this set also features a 26-degree taper-grind edge that provides the sharpest, cleanest cuts possible.

It also makes sharpening your knives much easier. These knives are easy to clean too and, while they can’t be placed in the dishwasher, a quick wash in hot soapy water will get them looking as good as new. 

Complete with a lifetime warranty, these fantastic knives from Chicago Cutlery are ideal for anybody looking for a set of knives that will last for years to come. 

Buying Guide


Throughout their entire product range, one of the things that make Chigaco Cutlery knives such a popular choice is the quality of materials used in their construction. Each knife made by Chicago Cutlery is constructed from high-carbon stainless steel.

This is one of the most durable materials you’ll find when looking for knives. It’s not only incredibly hard to break or bend out of shape, but it’s also resistant to both rust and corrosion. This makes them ideal for use in a kitchen when you’ll be dealing with heat and moisture on a regular basis.

The materials used on the handles of Chicago Cutlery knives vary from collection to collection, however, they are always of the highest quality. Materials such as walnut wood, stainless steel, and polymer feature right across the entire range.

Variety of Knives

Chicago Cutlery produces a variety of knives, often in sets, that can be contained safely within a solid block. This gives you the ability to match the right knife to the right job, reducing the risk of accidents along the way. 

The variety of knives available from Chicago Cutlery including paring knives, bread knives, slicing knives, chef knives, and utility knives. They even produce high-quality steak knives, and these are ideal for cutting through a delicious piece of sirloin with ease. 


Another reason that Chicago Cutlery knives are so popular is their construction. Depending on the set, you’re able to choose between forged and stamped knives. But what’s the difference between the two?

Put simply, stamped knives are cut from a large sheet of steel using a laser. They are then honed and heat-treated to provide extra durability. Because of this construction, stamped knives are a little thinner than forged knives, making it easier to get super-thin slices. 

However, forged knives heated up and pounded into shape from a steel bar. This means that they are generally thicker than stamped blades and, as such, tend to be even more durable.

Despite their thickness, you can still achieve thinner slices with a forged blade, you’ll just have to concentrate a little more while you’re chopping!

If you’re torn between the two and don’t know which to go for, it’s always worth investing in forged knives. They’re a little more expensive, but they’ll last a lot longer and are often accompanied by a lifetime warranty to back them up. 


A dull knife is a useless knife, and it’s essential that the knives in your kitchen retain their sharpness for as long as possible. They should also be easy to sharpen at home, too. Again, this is where Chicago Cutlery leads the way. 

The majority of Chicago Cutlery knives are designed with a 26-degree angled edge. This means that they’re able to keep a super-sharp edge for a longer time.

The position of the angle also makes carrying out precise cutting and slicing easier, and gives you the clean cuts you need when you’re chopping at high speeds!

This perfectly angled 26-degree edge also makes them really easy to sharpen at home with a simple knife sharpening block. This helps you save a little more money too, as you won’t have to take them to a specialist to restore them to their original sharpness. 


If there’s one downside to Chicago Cutlery knives, it’s that the majority of them can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher. This means that you’ll need to set a little extra time aside for cleaning, and you’ll also need to remember not to accidentally put them in your dishwasher when you’re tidying your equipment away.

With that being said, however, the quality of the blade and their durable construction means that washing them with hot water and dish soap is super easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. You’ll also be increasing their lifespan, so it’s a worthwhile thing to do.


Style and performance don’t always go hand in hand and, with some brands, you may find that an aesthetically pleasing set of knives will fall apart much sooner than you expected. This isn’t the case with Chicago Cutlery, though. 

Right across the board, every single knife is beautifully designed and constructed to fit in with any kitchen design scheme. All the while, the quality of the knives is never compromised. 

So, by investing in a set of Chicago Cutlery knives, you’ll be guaranteed high-quality performance as well as being able to show off their beauty. 


One of the biggest selling points of Chicago Cutlery knives is their affordability. With most sets costing less than $100, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that can match their durability and quality at a similar price point. 

This makes them a great choice for anybody looking for a high-quality set of knives on a budget. Their affordability makes them an excellent choice for gifting too, especially if you’d like to purchase something that the recipient can enjoy for years to come. 

You don’t necessarily have to be working with a tight budget to take advantage of their affordability, though. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain?!


Finally, one of the best things about Chicago Cutlery knives is that the majority of them are accompanied by a lifetime warranty. This means you can rest assured that, in the unlikely event of something going wrong with your knives, you’ll be covered for repair or replacement.

The lifetime warranty also offers you extra value for money as you won’t need to worry about the expense of replacing your knives if anything does happen to them. 

Why Chicago Cutlery?

The real question here is “why not Chicago cutlery”?! The price point, durability, and quality of their knives make a perfect trifecta that is virtually unmatched by other brands. 

These are also some of the most beautiful knives and knife sets you’ll find anywhere, and they’ll look stunning displayed on your kitchen counters. Unlike a lot of stylish, aesthetically pleasing knives, they don’t compromise on quality despite their looks. 

Is there a downside? Well, if you’re not a fan of washing up by hand then these probably aren’t the right knives for you since they can’t be placed in the dishwasher. However, this is a very small price to pay for something that’s going to offer you years of performance at such a low cost. 

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