How to Clean Red Copper Pan

Red Copper pans just have that professional aesthetic, don’t they? They have that vintage vibe crossed with an industrial-chic look that home decor enthusiasts are going crazy for. 

Nothing looks better in a monochrome kitchen (or any other color for that matter) than a line of Red Copper pans hanging on the wall. As well as this, they obviously have the excellent functionality of being able to cook some of our most favorite dishes. 

This is because it combines the triumph of the long-used copper pot with the ease of the more modern non-stick ceramic cookware that we see so often. The end result is a red copper pot that is an excellent conductor of heat, completely non-stick, and suitable for all sorts of cooking. 

Honestly, it seems they hardly have any downfalls. Although, there is one teeny, tiny issue with them that puts off a lot of people and can ruin your Red Copper pan in minutes, and that is how delicate it is. 

The material is not at all suitable for dishwasher usage, making this gorgeous pan a little more of a hassle to clean than some of our other favorite pans. Many people see the phrase ‘Not suitable for the dishwasher’ and never look at the product again. 

As well as this, they cannot handle anything that is too abrasive and must be scrubbed extremely gently, if at all. It is important that the pan is properly cleaned after every single use. This is to avoid extreme build up that will require more force to clean. We get it, it sounds like a lot of effort just for a pan…. 

However, we truly think that Red Copper pans are worth giving a chance, especially as we have researched some of the best methods for cleaning them.

Yes, you read that correctly, in this article we are going to be telling you the best, most effective, and safest ways to clean your red copper pans. 

We have come up with some of the best cleaning methods, splitting them into sections to tell you how best to clean it after each use, how best to clean it when it is very dirty, and how you should go about cleaning the underside of the pan. So, without further ado, here’s our guide….

How to clean a Red Copper pan after each use

Immediately after the pan has cooled after you have used it, you should get a paper towel and wipe away any leftover food debris and any oil or grease that has built up during cooking.

You should be as thorough as possible when doing this step to ensure that the pan is as clean as possible. After doing this you can go ahead and soak it in some warm water with a very small amount of dish soap.

You do not need much dish soap and the pan does not need to be submerged for a long time. Just soak it for a few minutes and wipe it very gently with a non-abrasive dishcloth to ensure it is fully grease, oil, and food free.

After this step, you can dry the pan thoroughly and place it back until you need it again. 

Cleaning a heavily soiled Red Copper pan

For pans that are a little more messy than usual, perhaps with some burnt food debris or sauce that has stuck to them, you need to apply slightly different cleaning techniques.

You should soak the pan in warm water with a drop of dish soap in there for half an hour or so. This will help to loosen the cooked-in food debris. Then you can use a cloth or gentle plastic scrub to remove any bits that are leftover.

When all the bits are off you can go ahead and clean it as normal, ensuring all oil and grease is removed. You can then dry it thoroughly and place it back where it belongs until the next time you need to use it. 

If you have burned the pan a lot because sauce or food has gotten overcooked, then you will need to use something a little stronger to help remove the burntness. Burnt food and sauces can be very stubborn.

However, to help them along you can enlist the help of a household favorite: baking soda! Simply add a little baking soda to the areas of the pan that have the burnt food stuck to them.

Leave it on there for around 15 to 20 minutes to let it activate and start to work. Then you can go in with a gentle bristle dish brush made from plastic or some other non-abrasive material. Scrub any leftover debris and then rinse it with warm water.

When this is done you can go ahead and wash it as normal using warm water and dish soap. 

Cleaning the underneath and sides of your Red Copper pan

Sometimes food spills down the sides of our pans, it’s just one of those things that come with cooking that can’t be helped. However, there are ways you can clean up the sides of your pan if this happens.

Simply soak the whole pan when you are done and wipe with a dishcloth around the outside and underneath as well as on the inside. This will ensure the whole pan gets a proper clean. 

If you want to clean the sides and the underneath to get it looking shinier and brighter, you can simply add some salt and vinegar to the underneath. All you need to do is turn the pan upside down and sprinkle table salt (the kind that we all have at home) all over the bottom of the pan.

Then you need to sprinkle some white vinegar on top of the salt, before adding another layer of salt. Let this sink in and work its magic for a little while (no more than 10 minutes) and then wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth.

If there is any ground in bits of burnt food on the bottom you can also use a gentle plastic scrubby brush for it. Then all you need to do is rinse it and buff it dry. The underneath will look as good as new. 

To shine up the sides we recommend using something slightly acidic and wiping it over the sides of your pan. Many people have found tomatoes to be helpful - yep, really! You can put a little ketchup or tomato puree on a soft cloth and buff the sides of the pan to make them look super shiny.

Make sure you rinse it afterward of course. Another option is to cover the whole base of the pan in ketchup or puree and leave it on there for a few minutes before rinsing it completely. 

Final Word 

As you can see, there is no need for the cleaning of your Red Copper Pan to cause you stress. There really is no hassle and it is not much different from washing any other non-stick pan.

Simply make sure you do not use anything abrasive on it, and clean it after each use and your Red Copper Pot will last you years. We hope that you have found our article on how to clean Red Copper pans helpful!

Remember, as long as you look after your pans, they will look after you. Happy cooking...and cleaning!

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