Midea Chest Freezer Reviews

Whether you need a chest freezer in your RV, or for your home, Midea is a great brand to choose from, and they have excellent quality chest freezers to suit all of your needs.

They are a leading brand in home appliances and they provide chest freezers in a range of sizes to fit any space in your home.

In this review, we are specifically going to be looking at the Midea MRC070S0AWW chest freezer and discussing everything there is to know about it.

We are going to be looking at features like capacity, space-saving, storage options, and other great features that make this freezer a great addition to any living space. 

If you are in search of a new chest freezer, this one is definitely a great option to consider, and we will list all of the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for your home. 

Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer, 7.0 Cubic Feet, White

This Midea chest freezer is available in three different sizes, which are 3.5, 5, and 7 Cubic Feet. You would be able to choose the size that best fits your available space from these three options.

The freezer also comes with one hanging wire storage basket for you to keep some smaller items near the top for easier access.

The freezer has a mechanical control for your convenience and an adjustable thermostat that uses the Midea D+ system and ranges from -12 to -28 degrees.

This freezer is perfect for storing all of your frozen foods and gets more than cold enough to keep them at the correct temperature.

The adjustable thermostat can also help you to keep your food at a consistent temperature to avoid spoiling the food.

This Midea freezer is great for storing foods for a long time, and it can hold your essential items like meat and ice cream until you are ready to use them.

It is a long-term storage option to help you keep your food accessible for longer.

There is also a built-in hinged door that allows you to grab your essentials out of the freezer without having to use one to hold the door open.

The freezer has been ergonomically designed to help make things easier for you during use. The built-in hinge door will stay open by itself at a variety of angles for 45 to 75 degrees, so you don’t have to occupy your hands with keeping the door open.

This type of door design is not common with many freezers, where other types require you to hold the door open with one hand. This can be especially difficult if you need something that happens to be at the bottom of the freezer.

The modern design of this freezer has a recessed handle that makes it super easy for you to open the door, and it also makes the freezer look more modernized to help fit in with your home decor.

It also has a defrost drain to make it much easier for the chest freezer to drain any defrosted water. This also helps to make the cleaning process much simpler, as you won’t have to mop up any excess water.

The freezer interestingly has a larger capacity within a smaller size to help with space-saving, as the inside of the freezer is more spacious.

By using the built-in hinge door and the latest Midea D+ system, the cooling system could be designed to be thinner with better cooling efficiency.

This meant that Midea was able to keep a large capacity inside a smaller chest freezer, so even though it may look smaller, there is actually more space inside.

The freezer also has adjustable legs, so you can change the height of the freezer to suit your needs.

Your purchase also comes with a full one-year warranty for the freezer itself and a full two-year warranty on the compressor, so you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong within the first year of purchasing this freezer.


  • This chest freezer is available in three different sizes for you to choose from
  • It comes with a free hanging basket so that you can store smaller items at the top
  • There is a mechanical control system and an adjustable thermostat for convenience
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to keep foods at a consistent temperature
  • There is a built-in hinged door for easier access that will stay open on its own
  • There is a recessed handle to make opening the door easier
  • The freezer has a defrost drain to collect excess water, making it easier to clean
  • The Midea D+ system offers better and more efficient cooling
  • There are adjustable legs to help you fit this freezer into any space
  • Your purchase comes with a full one-year warranty


  • Some customers noted dents on the delivered products

Midea Chest Freezer Review

If you are looking for a chest freezer to provide you with even more space for storing your frozen foods, then the Midea MRC070S0AWW chest freezer could be a great option for you.

With sizes that go up to 7 cubic feet, you definitely won’t struggle for space, and the other space-saving features allow for more room inside a smaller freezer. You can fit a large amount of food inside the freezer, and there is no doubt that it will fit everything that you need.

Not only does this freezer have an excellent storage capacity with plenty of space inside for storing foods, but it also has a modernized design to help it blend in with other surroundings in your home.

The upwards opening door is a great feature in terms of accessibility, and it even has built-in hinges so that it can stay open on its own without you having to hold it up. This is a great feature to have so you can use both hands when searching for something inside the freezer, especially if it is buried near the bottom.

In terms of being able to clean this freezer, you can do so with ease. The interior is easy to wipe clean with its smooth sides, and there is even a defrost drain that will collect any excess water, so you won’t be left mopping it up when cleaning.

The freezer itself is very easy to use with its recessed handle for easy access, and even a removable wire basket that you can use to store smaller items at the top of the freezer to make them easy to grab. The large capacity of the freezer definitely ensures that you are getting value for your money.

The temperature controls are a really convenient feature, as you can set the temperature to the level that you need it to be at. Being able to control the temperature of the freezer also means that you can keep all of your food at a consistent temperature to avoid part-defrosting and ruining your food.

The freezer itself is white in color, which is great for helping it to fit into most home designs, and it should fit in with its surroundings nicely. White is also a great color for showing up any stains on the outside, so you will be able to tell when it needs to be cleaned, allowing you to keep it in great condition.

Don’t forget that this freezer opens upwards, so it can’t be easily slotted under the counter like some other freezers that have a side opening door. However, this feature does allow for a larger capacity, so it is up to you to decide which is a more convenient and cost-effective option for you.

The price is also on the higher end for a freezer of this type, but for all the features that are included with it, this freezer seems like a great option.

To put the icing on the cake, this chest freezer goes one step further. Midea has included a great warranty with the purchase of this product that shows their confidence in this freezer. The freezer comes with a full one-year warranty, and the compressor for this freezer comes with a full two-year warranty.

Midea will either repair or replace your freezer if something were to go wrong within the first year of the date that you purchased it. However, if the compressor is the part that breaks down, you can get it repaired or replaced within two years of the date that you purchased it.


While the price may be on the higher side for this chest freezer, it certainly comes with a lot of convenient features that make up for it.

Often, freezers that cost more will be of better quality and standard, and through our research, we can tell that this is the case with this chest freezer. 

Midea has taken a modern and ergonomic design approach when creating this product, and they have thought about your every need.

Features like the recessed handle, built-in hinged door, and adjustable thermostat will be really handy during use to make things easier for you, and the large capacity is great for allowing you to store everything that you need to inside this freezer. 

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