3 Reasons Why Table Runners Are Used That You Should Know

Table runners were a staple in most American homes back in the day, but these days, table runners are simply famed as “out of style,” and many are left to question why table runners still exist.

Despite the question looming around the background, table runners are still in production, and I believe those table runners won’t go out of production so soon. These looming sheets of linen or cotton will be having a comeback on dining halls and dining rooms, and nobody will be ready for it… except for you.

Table runners serve as lovely additions to simple dining tables, making them stand out among others. Aside from their ability to make your dining table unique, they also serve as a secondary focal point in your dining room, aside from the food, of course.

Table runners are an underrated part of a table, and we are here to prove that. Here are three reasons why table runners are the next big thing and why you should have them.

Three Reasons Why Table Runners Are (Still) In Style

The popularity of table runners was declining a few years ago, yet they keep holding on to the market like a charm. Many people have seen them as seemingly “out of fashion,” yet their usage has increased recently, making it seem like they are making a comeback. However, many people still question the use of table runners.

One of the main issues people try to point out regarding table runners is that they are too much of a hassle. There is some truth to this, but this should not be a concern. However, many have tried to explain how they have no meaningful use at all.

This is a total misconception. In this article, I will explain why table runners are on the rise. I have compressed a list to help you understand the overview of what we will be dealing with today.

Three Reasons Why Table Runners Are Still Used

  • Table runners are great aesthetic additions to your dining tables.
  • These table runners provide a secondary focal point that allows people to appreciate food more.
  • Highly customizable and having lots of variations, table runners personalize your dinner tables.

Out Of Style? I Don’t Think So.

Tables can be stunning, and they surely will be a great aesthetic design choice even by themselves. We have marble tables, wooden tables, glass tables; the options are endless. With a table this beautiful, why would you want to cover it up with something like a table runner; would that not be counterintuitive?

Look, despite tables bearing beautiful designs and incredible textures, they are also cumbersome and super expensive. They are lovely, yes, but after the 90th day of staring at your dinner table, they would not feel brand new anymore, and at this point may be akin to something a little bit boring. 

With this, table runners serve as replaceable design elements that allow you to “change it up” without spending too much or requiring you to do some heavy lifting. 

Table runners allow you to set your table’s look up to a theme. For example, would it not be appropriate to make your dinner table spooky with ghost motif table runners when having a Halloween party?

Table runners can help set the vibe, even as a placemat or a dinner table mood shifter. They allow you to shift designs by the day without requiring you to buy so much. Moreover, they will enable you to be a little bit more creative during special occasions.

So why table runners? They help you customize your table in accordance with an occasion’s theme.

A Safety Precaution

Table runners have a lot of functions other than just plain aesthetics. Although not as optimal, table runners can be used as something akin to placemats, allowing your table to stay as pristine as possible while table runners soak all the wet, gross, and stain-inducing foods like soups and colored dishes.

Basically, not only do they give your table a satisfying look, but they also give you peace of mind during reckless dinners.

Not only that, but table runners serve as grips, especially when using a glass table. Instead of your bowls and plates sliding off the table like a skating rink, your table runners will provide enough friction for it to stay still during hearty meals. Another point for peace of mind table runners!

Make It Your Own

Aside from sticking up to the theme, table runners also serve another completely different but related purpose: self-expression and personalization. For example, if you are a person that values simplicity, minimalism and would prefer a clean look, a white and gray or white and black motif for your table runner would be no less than perfect.

Moreover, if you prefer your table runner to hold particular patterns like a floral design with your favorite flower, you may find your table runner very appropriate to your design choices.  Basically, most table runners allow you to modify your table’s design concerning your personal preferences, desires, or even your house’s entire theme.

Has an all-white plate set with a house of white interiors? Think no further than to grab a simple white table runner. Aside from that, you can also opt to have a contrasting color for your table to truly stand out, like something as dark as black.

So why table runners? You can truly make your dining table your own!

Sheer Availability

What makes this degree of personalization possible is that table runners come in various sizes and designs. For example, table runners can be made out of your favorite animal patterns in plain colors such as orange and green. Moreover, some have frills while others do not.

You can also have your table runners be long or short, wide or narrow, textured or not. This makes it so that your table runner is truly yours.

Moreover, table runners are easily purchasable online. They can also be found in physical retail stores or even have yours tailor-made. The possibilities are truly endless!

I Don’t Have A Table Runner. What Can I Use Instead?

There are many replacements to table runners. For example, you can make use of other commonly available house materials as well. Below is a list.

Possible Alternatives To Table Runners

  • Scarves
  • Place Mats
  • Cheesecloths
  • Table Cloths
  • Doilies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Style My Table Runners?

You may be surprised at how extensive the styling options for table runners are. Aside from the classic styling, you can use multiple table runners. With that in mind, you can also use them to run from left to right (longwise) instead of top to bottom (crosswise). 

Other styling variations can be used, like using a more comprehensive table runner or a narrower one. You can use two of them per table as well! 

2. Can I Use Table Runners Aside From Dining Tables?

Of course! The use of table runners extends from just your standard dining table. For example, you can use them on your work table or even use them in an x-like pattern when using a round table. Really, your own imagination is your limit.

3. How Far Off Should A Table Runner Hang?

Although not standardized, table runners may be left hanging by at least six inches on both sides. Not all table runners necessarily need to hang, nor do they need to hang on both sides, but traditionally, table runners hang at six inches on both sides.

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