A Review of Vertoku Knives: Is It Worth The Money?

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We all know that a good knife is essential for the best cuts, and in this article, we will have a Vertoku knife review. Many people seem to see Vertoku knives everywhere– from the Amazon front page to Facebook ads, and as a company, they look reliable and suitable for home use. However, is Vertoku a good brand, or will it be on our chopping block?

Vertoku knives are renowned for their sharpness, so expect no less for your Vertoku. However, relative to off-brand options, Vertoku knives are more expensive, and some of them are incorrectly labeled “Damascus.

As a Vertoku knife review, we will be discussing if Vertoku knives are a scam, legitimate, or a lesser evil. Let us not haste and get our discussion going!

A Review of Vertoku Knives: Authentic Or Authentic-Like?

Many new knife companies have recently popped out mislabeling their knives with expensive and premium labels. Because of such schemes, it is wise to be vigilant and wary of knives sold online, especially if the reseller or the manufacturer itself is not well known.

Vertoku is not the first company on the chopping block of many knife enthusiasts, but it is one of the more famous ones. 

Not only are Vertoku knives plastered on Facebook ads and Amazon front pages, but they are also being recommended by some reviewers. However, some meticulous consumers condemned the company. So precisely, which of the following is to be believed?

This article will discuss four reasons why you should buy Vertoku knives and why you should not be buying them. Without further ado, let us get the chopping started!

Reasons To Buy And Not To Buy A Vertoku Knife

  1. Vertoku knives are incredibly sharp
  2. Vertoku knives are expensive.
  3. Vertoku knives are Japanese knives
  4. Incorrectly labeled

Why Buying Vertoku Knives Are Worth It: Vertoku Knives Are Sharp

One of the many ways to get a sudden grasp of a manufacturing company’s quality is by checking out their knife set. Looking at Vertoku’s knife set, we can quickly get an idea that their knives are sharp. And when I say sharp, I mean very sharp.

With a Rockwell hardness of 54+, Vertoku knives are very sharp and will quickly attend to tough meat and bones. This sharpness is honed through the blades being sharpened by hand by 13 to 15 degrees on each side.

Many Vertoku’s knives are made out of forged stainless steel, and some are also made out of specialized Japanese VG10 steel. What makes the product even more remarkable is that it is durable, resistant to rust, anti-corrosive, and can smoothly cut through thin pieces of meat.

So our Vertoku knife review’s initial verdict is that Vertoku knives are extremely (extremely) sharp, durable, and made out of stainless steel. Neat, huh?

Why Buying Vertoku Knives Are NOT Worth It

A quick browse on Vertoku’s website, we can see that their knives are well worth over a hundred dollars, with the cheapest being around $74. So when we say that Vertoku knives are not for the budget-conscious, we really mean it.

Many people would try to argue that you cannot place a price and quality, and I would agree. However, I genuinely believe that Vertoku knives and their prices transcend well above their knife’s quality and that off-brand knives will still feel as good yet come at a cheaper cost. Moreover, at these prices, you can opt to buy branded items as well.

Granted, Vertoku often offers discounts on its knives, I would say they are still worth less than they are sold for. Moreover, manufacturers that like to have constant sales will not leave a sweet aftertaste to most consumers and reviewers. 

Having constant sales reduces the brand value and prestige, and most often will leave the impression that the company is not confident enough to sell its own products. For this sake, I believe that moderation is vital, even when talking about selling your products at a discounted price.

Our second initial verdict for our Vertoku knives review is that they sell their knives at higher costs. These costs may have been incurred due to heavy marketing.

Why Buying Vertoku Knives Are Worth It: Vertoku Knives Are Japanese Knives

By the brand name itself, one can easily hypothesize how Vertoku specializes in manufacturing Japanese knives. And to that, I would say that the said hypothesis is correct. In this section of our Vertoku knives review, we will discuss what Japanese Vertoku knives are.

There are many kinds of knives, and if you would take a glimpse at your kitchen this instant, you probably have at least two different types. Some people might have bread knives, a German knife, or a regular chef’s knife.

With these many variants available, how do Japanese knives (Vertoku Japanese knives in particular) separate themselves from the rest of the pack?

Most people would likely compare Japanese knives and German knives. While German knives have merits, Japanese knives are also a power contender from Asia. Inspired by their very own samurai swords, Japanese knives set themselves apart by having exclusively wooden handles.

Another key differentiator between German knives and Japanese knives is that both have different priorities at hand. While the German knives are renowned for their sheer strength and durability, the Japanese believed that their knives should prioritize sharpness overall. After all, what does a durable blade do good if the edge is not sharp?

Unlike most knives, to effectively cut with a Japanese Vertoku knife, you must be moving the blade in a specific direction. While German knives like to be moved from top to bottom, Japanese knives specialize in moving and cutting in a front-to-back motion. 

Why Buying Vertoku Knives Are NOT Worth It: Not Damascus 

When you search for “Vertoku knives review,” one of the many questions that will pop up is “Are Vertoku knives a scam?” When it comes to public relations, one of your company’s most commonly asked questions is if it is a scam, then it is most probable that such is likely the case.

When I first ordered Vertoku knives a few years ago, I was intrigued by their products’ “Damascus” labels. If you do not know what Damascus knives are, they are made of a specific type of steel: Damascus steel.

Aside from their production origin, Damascus is renowned for being more superior when compared to iron, especially when comparing blades made from either. However, one substantial identifying factor of Damascus steel is its form. Knives made out of Damascus steel will have water and wave-like patterns that are not present in other commonly used steel.

However, when one receives their Vertoku knives (at least for my experience), the patterns are etched by a machine and are not natural. Although the blade itself is of merit, it certainly was not Damascus.

There you have it.  An in-depth review of Vertoku knives.  As we went over in the article,  these knives are and aren’t worth it.  You have to be careful when purchasing to make sure you are getting the real deal. 

The Vertoku knives are also on the pricey side, so they may not be in the cards for everyone. However, you can purchase knives that are comparable for a cheaper price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Sharpen Vertoku Knives?

Prepare the whetstones by soaking them in water beforehand and place them on a table of appropriate height after. With an angle of 10 to 15 degrees, sharpen both sides. Below is a video demonstrating the process.

2. Are German Or Japanese Knives Smaller?

Because they need to be extremely sharp, Japanese knives are smaller than German knives, especially since German knives need to be extra durable.

3. Why Are Japanese Knives So Good For Sushi?

Since Japanese knives are thin and very sharp, they can make exact cuts, such as sushi.

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